How To

Welcome to this week’s How To where we’ll show you how to make Buffalo flavour chicken wings! You’ve gone out to several bars during their Wing Deal Wednesday. And you’ve tasted Buffalo flavour, one of the most iconic flavours for chicken wings (in fact, it was the first!). but have you… Read more »

Want something on your wings that’s outside your usual sauce repertoire? On this week’s How To, we’ll show you how to make Asian peanut dipping sauce. Cookie+Kate’s has prepared a recipe on this savoury, tangy sauce to share with you guys. We’ve tried it ourselves and found that it tasted best with dry rubs than saucier… Read more »

Welcome to another week of How To! This time, we’ve got a recipe from showing you how you can make Louisiana hot sauce to drench into your wings or as a dip. To start off, you’ll need: A pound of chilies, such as cayenne, red jalapeno, fresno or tabasco… Read more »

Here’s the scenario: you’re starving for some wings and approach one of your favourite bars. You make your typical order: a pound of suicide and a pound of buffalo wings. As your waitress takes your order and walks away, a hot wing eating competition banner catches your attention from the… Read more »

Welcome to How To, a new WingsnBeer series where we take recipes related to beer or wings and put them in one easy spot for you to try out. When you’re feeling a little DIY, want to save on cash, or just want to serve some wings to your friends… Read more »