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Football season is upon us, and that means it’s also pizza, beer and chicken wing season for a lot of folks. Americans are expected to eat 28 billion – yes, BILLION – chicken wings this year, and more than 1 billion of those were consumed on Super Bowl Sunday alone…. Read more »

“Rapper, comedian, impressionist, actor—Jay Pharoah is one of the most multitalented entertainers working today. Turns out he’s also a beast when it comes to hot sauce (by his own account, he used to drink it by the bottle). Watch the SNL alum take on some of the spiciest wings on… Read more »

This week’s gallery of tasty chicken wings, hot wings and buffalo wings includes what might be the worlds priciest chicken wings, some Buffalo Wing Fest shots and a great snap of one poor soul who took on the suicide wing challenge and lived to tell about. Have a picture that… Read more »

September has arrived and to while the weather’s cooling off, the chicken wings are heating up as the NFL, MLB and Word Cup of Hockey all fill the screens. This past week also saw the annual National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY where Joey Chestnut ate 188 chicken wings… Read more »

Welcome to this week’s How To where we’ll show you how to make Buffalo flavour chicken wings! You’ve gone out to several bars during their Wing Deal Wednesday. And you’ve tasted Buffalo flavour, one of the most iconic flavours for chicken wings (in fact, it was the first!). but have you… Read more »

The wing king was crowned on a Sunday in Upstate New York during the 15th Annual National Chicken Wing Festival in Buffalo. More than 70,000 wing lovers from across the world came out for the two-day event. Defending champion Joey Chestnut came away with the victory for his third straight… Read more »

It’s here: This week’s Weekly Wing Gallery to feast your eyes upon. This time around, we’ve curated a set of wings—straight out of the barbecue and onto your screen—for your viewing pleasure. Have a picture that you’re to show us? Send it our way.   Speaking of wings from the barbecue,… Read more »

From Mashable: YouTube host Cemre Candar, who has jumped into other substances (including chocolate and beer) before, filled up a bathtub with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce. And bathed in it. Enough said. Enjoy his misery and mess. Full Link:  

It may be a surprise to some of you, but we are not in fact gorging ourselves on the aerial limbs of a buffalo (sadly). They’re chicken wings, but we call them Buffalo wings… at least, a particular flavour. But where did it come from? And how or why did it explode… Read more »

Weekly Wing Gallery | Issue 3

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means: The Weekly Wing Gallery. We’ve got a fresh selection of chicken wings for you to feast your eyes on (and maybe stir up some ideas of your own). Have a photo you want us to feature? Think your concoction is more interesting than… Read more »